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Nature Spotting

Rouge Park changes with each season, so visit often!

  • Most wild animals are active in early morning and early evening.
  • Forest wild flowers are often most colourful, and forest birds are often most active in the spring.
  • Meadow birds and insects are usually buzzing with activity, and meadow wild flowers are most colourful in summer.

Please do not damage or remove any plants or natural features (including berries, rocks, wood/branches, pine cones, etc) from the Park. These are food and shelter sources for animals.

Please stay on the marked trails for your safety and to protect the sensitive ecosystems in the Park. Many plants take years to recover from being trampled by people and dogs.

The animals and plants live here and need a healthy environment. When you visit Rouge Park, you are in their home, please respect them.

It is illegal to remove or damage anything in a public park.

Mast Trail

  • Ferns and lush understorey plants cover the forest floor.

Rouge Beach

  • Canada Geese, Gulls, and (if you are lucky) a Trumpeter Swan in the marshes.

Riverside Trail

  • Forest and meadow species of birds.
  • Meadow areas have many insects, such as Monarch butterflies who migrate thousands of kilometres each year.
  • Snakes may be moving through grassy areas.
  • Interesting fungus on tree trunks in moist areas.
  • Wildflowers in meadow areas.

Cedar Trail

  • Ferns and lush understorey plants cover the forest floor.
  • Forest and meadow species of birds.
  • Wildflowers in meadow areas.

Woodlands Area

  • Forest species of birds.

Orchard Trail

  • If you are very quiet, you may see a deer.

Vista Trail

  • Hawks and other large birds may be seen overhead from the trail in meadow areas.

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