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Cedar Trail

Experience the cool green of old growth forest as it shelters the lush valley lands.

North trail head access on Meadowvale Road has limited roadside parking.

If you wish to walk via the south trailhead, parking fees may apply. .

Steep grades on trail. Steps and steep sections may be slippery during wet or winter weather.

  • Guided walks on Cedar meet the Zoo Road meeting point. Click here for details on meeting points.
  • What will I see on this trail?

    • Small streams that flow into Little Rouge Creek, and Little Rouge Creek itself.
    • Wetland and meadow species near southern sections of the trail, forest species in northern sections.
    • From the South trail head, you can see the hill from an old garbage dump that is being revegetated, and wetlands created in the excavated areas where soil was removed to cover the garbage.

    Planning to visit? Be a responsible user.

    How do I get there?

    Driving, TTC and Parking information

    Click here for details on the meeting points.
    How's the trail these days?
    Latest Trail Conditions

    MAP FOR CEDAR NORTH TRAILHEAD (map can be zoomed, and link for a larger map is below)
    View Cedar North Trailhead in a larger map

    MAP FOR ZOO ROAD TRAILHEAD (map can be zoomed, and link for a larger map is below)
    View Zoo Road parking/trailhead in a larger map
    Cedar Trail 2.2 km

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